Our Vision
Hi-Lo – The place to be! The best place to work; The best place to shop; delighting our associates, our customers and all other stakeholders every day, every time.

Our Mission
To expand and strengthen the Hi Lo brand by:

  • Commitment to the ultimate satisfaction and happiness of our Associates
  • Dedication to operational excellence
  • Delivering a delightful, pleasurable and safe shopping experience to all.
  • Caring about our communities and our environment

Our Company Values
Our Company Values help us to maintain our internal and external service standards.  In other words, they help us build better relationships with internal and external customers.

They are as follows:


When we practice HONESTY, we strengthen our personal and professional growth. That also adds to our reputation for INTEGRITY. In showing RESPECT for others, we display an appreciation for their feelings, creating an enjoyable and comfortable working environment where everyone feels appreciated.

In practicing FAIRNESS, it shows that we’re open-minded and willing to give others the benefit of the doubt. TRUST assists in building good working relationships. Trust our fellow Associates to perform their jobs. When we receive that trust, we can become a lot more confident which assists in creating exceptional job performance.

And, when we are always KIND to each another, it shows that we really care.


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The story of Hi-Lo Food Stores began on June 1, 1950 when Gordon Graves New, the son-in-law of Ernest Canning, opened the first store on Marine Square.

Customer Service Philosophy